I had the blessing of meet Bo and Stacy shortly after my thirteenth birthday. He asked me to join an organization called the “Texas Hawkeyes” and it wasn’t long after joining his program that I found myself moved by his every word. When I first met Bo I looked up to him as a coach and a former big leaguer but it didn’t take long for me to begin to look up to him as a second father.

While the immediate understanding of the lessons learned from the Porter family and their program have a direct affiliation with the game of baseball, it wasn’t until after my athletic career that I fully understood how the program changed my everyday decision-making. To say it simply, he has a personable approach that maximizes the potential of individuals.

I had the blessing to have played collegiate baseball. Throughout my journey I’ve had the opportunity to meet many different coaches with many different styles. Bo has bar none been the best instruction I’ve received. He understands being a truly effective coach means more than maximizing ones abilities; it means you must maximize the individual.

The presence he carries is rare in this world. It instills the belief and drive to better oneself. This presence drives us to maximize our abilities as individuals followed with maximizing the ability of individuals around us – true synergy. It’s as if he grabs a hold of you and shoves you and as soon as you have the opportunity to catch your footing to digest your direction, you realize he has given you the proper momentum needed to embark down the road of success.

The program builds character, enhances decision-making, creates self-awareness, with its leader truly embodying the latter by being its living example.

It’s incredible to see how much Stacy and he have achieved since first meeting them eleven years ago. I can boast with confidence when I say this world is a better place because of who he inspires, what he has achieved, and what he stands for. I’m a better man standing here today because of the guidance and lessons he has taught me over the years and couldn’t be more fortunate to have had such an impactful role model throughout my development as a man. God bless the Porters!


My involvement with Bo Porter’s programs began when I was 12 years old. I am now 26 years old and still regularly draw on the experiences and lessons that I learned through Bo’s structured curriculum. I think the best way for me to explain the impact that Bo and his management team have had on my life is to share my experience.

When I first started working with Bo and his baseball staff, I was an unorganized and distracted teenager. My grades were not good. I had a C average and had very little interest in school. Over the next few years, I not only developed a high level of skill on the baseball diamond, but I also began to fill the gaps that were holding me back from achieving success in other areas. Bo holds classroom sessions each week where he teaches the importance of communication skills and having the right attitude. Bo also requires his players to create challenging goals and he monitors the progress of each player towards those goals until they are realized.

My long term goal was to get into the University of Texas. Bo pushed me to work hard and commit to this goal. By the time I graduated high school, I had all A’s on my report card and got into UT. Once I was at UT, I sat down with Bo and made a new goal. I wanted to be in the Mccombs Business School. Using the same strategies and mindset that I developed in Bo’s courses, I was able to achieve this goal. Upon, graduation, much to my surprise, I received a phone call from Bo and he asked, “What’s next?” I remember kind of laughing and thinking “aren’t I done with this goal thing?” What I have come to find out is that you are really never done with Bo’s programs and will use his lessons for the rest of your life. Bo and his staff are invested in your continuous success and will always be there to lean on. So we sat down again…. I told Bo that I wanted to work at one of the top 10 fortune 500 companies because they are known for the best finance training programs. Over the next few weeks, Bo and I worked together to build my interview skills and worked to position me to perform in front of a panel of executives. After several long interviews, I was hired into the General Electric Financial Leadership Program, where I work today as a financial analyst.

Looking back, it was really important for me to know that someone had confidence in me and took the time to continuously push me towards my goals. Bo and his staff are committed to developing responsible student athletes with vision, drive, and confidence. They are experts at teaching the necessities to succeed in all aspects of life. The skills that you will learn through Bo’s programs are truly invaluable.