Gabriel Babineaux

When I think about the time invested into Bo’s program I think about where I was, to where I am, to where I’m going. I was introduced to the program through a friend and was invited to one of the classroom sessions. At that time, I was immediately taken back by the amount of baseball knowledge, wisdom, planning and energy that was being invested into the young men on the team. I saw this as a opportunity to develop myself beyond a baseball player. My biggest fear at that time was wasting my potential. My parents instilled in me that […]

Shirley Cossey

My two sons participated in Bo Porter’s programs from 2004 until 2011, first with the Future All-Stars, then later with the Texas Hawkeyes. As a mother of teenage sons, I wanted only opportunities that exposed them to positive influences. Their relationship with Bo continues to this day. Bo, thru his baseball program, provided my sons with life skills that have been instrumental as they transitioned to adulthood. They were expected to not only model fitness, team effort and fair play, but also realize the value of education, respectfulness, confidence, hard work and perseverance. These qualities when practiced on the baseball […]

Trey Talley

I had the honor of playing for Bo Porter all through out my high school years. His coaching style was different than anything I had experienced. It was due to his personal interest in each of his players. He took the time to know us and to mentor us. He held us accountable and instilled in us the importance of a strong work ethic, respect for ourselves and others and to always know “where we were going or we might end up where we don’t want to be.”

Joshua LeBlanc

The fall of 1997, I met a man that started out as my coach, but would later become a mentor and close friend. He would teach me things through the game of baseball that would help shape me into the man I am today. This man was Bo Porter. I learned quickly that baseball was a passion of Bo’s, but philanthropy was equally as important. Bo was able to draw so many parallels from the sport of baseball to everyday life. Many lessons that I still carry with me to this day like, “Life is like a bank account, you […]

Laurie Nicolai

My son participated in Bo Porter’s baseball program from the age of 14 to 18. Undeniably a very important and formative time in his life. Without a doubt his baseball program was unlike any we had seen or heard of before. Just by watching the practices alone you could see they were on a very different level of dedication and attention to detail. Trey not only learned the mechanics of baseball but the underlying strategy of the coach’s decisions. His knowledge of baseball is far superior than most due to the teachings of Bo and his staff. However, there were […]

S. Long, Sr.

Both of my sons worked under the baseball tutelage of Coach Bo. Being a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, developing my sons into successful young men is of utmost important to me. Coach Bo shares that sentiment and has always combined his “best-in-class” baseball knowledge with his top shelf knowledge of what it takes to be a successful young man in and outside of baseball including leadership training, discipline, life coaching when they have run into problems and what does it mean to be a “professional” just to name a few. Many of you who […]

Stephen Seger

I had the blessing of meet Bo and Stacy shortly after my thirteenth birthday. He asked me to join an organization called the “Texas Hawkeyes” and it wasn’t long after joining his program that I found myself moved by his every word. When I first met Bo I looked up to him as a coach and a former big leaguer but it didn’t take long for me to begin to look up to him as a second father. While the immediate understanding of the lessons learned from the Porter family and their program have a direct affiliation with the game […]

John Duncan

My involvement with Bo Porter’s programs began when I was 12 years old. I am now 26 years old and still regularly draw on the experiences and lessons that I learned through Bo’s structured curriculum. I think the best way for me to explain the impact that Bo and his management team have had on my life is to share my experience. When I first started working with Bo and his baseball staff, I was an unorganized and distracted teenager. My grades were not good. I had a C average and had very little interest in school. Over the next […]

Joseph and Shirley Babineaux

Enrolling our son in Bo Porter’s Future All-Stars/Hawkeyes baseball development camp was one of the best decisions my husband and I have made as we prepared for his future. The camp was so much more than we expected and has proven to be a worthwhile investment. We had the privilege to be introduced to Mr. Porter’s camp by way of another parent in 2006 when our son was a sophomore in High School. Our expectations were that Gabriel would learn additional baseball techniques and strategy that might be useful. Bo stressed fundamentals and how to play the game of baseball […]